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3 Step Process

Each of our services carries our popular three step process that preps, cleans and protects.

All Carpet Types

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Carpet Cleaning Preparation
We Clean All Types Of Carpets!
1 - Preparation
Carpet Cleaning Cleansing
We Revive Your Carpet Fibers!
2 - Rejuvenation
Carpet Cleaning Protection
Long Term Protection!
3 - Protection

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What we do

Spot Prep Areas

Before starting, our professionals go over the entire carpet area and mark the stains that need extra care. Once we have everything marked we then prep the areas with ECO commercial grade solvents.

Pre-Treat Carpet

Once we have prepped the area and the spot prep solvents have dried. We then add extra pre-treamtent solutions to the entire area so that once we start cleaning, 98% of dirt, grime a stains will easy be removed.

Ultra Results

This is where our customers see our award winning process. Your carpets become like-new with a fresh clean smell that you have been missing.

Full Protection

We do not stop there. We continue our process with our famous protection. Carpets become resistant to minimal spills and traffic stains.

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Cherry Hill of New Jersey is a friendly small town with a population of 71,417. While many tourists visit a major nearby city of Philialphia, the localality of Cherry Hill boasts great cultural, landmarks and nightlife. With yearly average temperatures of 60 degrees many carpets are more common to get wet and create undesirable foot traffic marks.

Outside of the area?
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See the rest of our FRESH team around the country. Our sister partners are located in San Antonio, Kingwood, State College, Kennewick, Tallahassee and Austin.

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